Press Release


Global Internet Policy Initiative to Lead International Development of the Internet through a $50,000 Grant from the GE Foundation

(Washington, DC, July 1, 2003) The Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI) announced today that the GE Foundation, the philanthropic foundation of the General Electric Company, has made a generous $50,000 contribution to support the activities of GIPI worldwide. GIPI assists developing countries in adopting legal and policy frameworks that support the development of an open, accessible, and user-controlled Internet.

George Sadowsky, Executive Director of GIPI, said, “GE is a globally renowned technology leader. With the GE Foundation choosing to support the core work of GIPI, they have made a clear commitment to ensuring the benefits of technological progress are accessible to people of all nations.”

Ivan K. Fong, Chief Privacy Leader and Senior Counsel, Information and Technology, General Electric Company

Ivan Fong, Chief Privacy Leader and Senior Counsel, Information Technology at GE, said, “GIPI has a proven track record of success in addressing the digital divide and ensuring an Internet that can drive economic growth and advance human development. The GE Foundation is pleased to support this important work.”

Working in developing nations around the world, GIPI brings together local lawyers, educators, business people, net users and governments to expand and protect public access to the Internet. GIPI works for net usersÕ rights and ensures that the Internet develops as a minimally regulated, open platform for free expression and as an engine of economic growth.

GIPI is a joint project of Internews Network and the Center for Democracy and Technology. GIPI currently has offices in 17 countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The GE Foundation, the philanthropic organization of the General Electric Company, invests in improving educational opportunity and in strengthening community organizations in GE communities around the world. All told, GE, the GE Foundation and GE employees and retirees contributed over $120 million to community and educational institutions last year.

In addition to the GE Foundation, GIPI’s work is supported by the AOL Time Warner Foundation, the Markle Foundation, the Open Society Institute (along with its affiliated national foundations), the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Verisign, Inc., the US Department of State, the European Union and other donors.

CONTACT: George Sadowsky, Executive Director of GIPI +1 202 833 5740 x200