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Carnegie Makes Grant to Global Internet Policy Initiative
GIPI to Tackle Information Security in Russia

(Washington, DC) The Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI) announced today that it has received a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York for a two-year project on information security policy in Russia. The Citizens’ Initiative for Internet Policy (CIIP), GIPI’s implementing partner in Moscow, will lead the project.

“Our goal is to transform the current policy debate on information security in Russia into a positive dialogue that includes local stakeholders,” said GIPI Executive Director George Sadowsky. “We want to ensure that Russia’s regulatory framework for information security reflects internationally recognized best practices,” he said.

Russia’s security concerns have traditionally shaped its political perspective and behavior. These concerns are now finding expression in social policies related to information and communication technology. Aside from the issues usually associated with Òinformation securityÓ in Western countries–safeguarding of national security data, privacy of communication, and intellectual property protection– in Russia some politicians are using the same terms to justify restrictive policies such as limiting access to international computer networks.

The GIPI/CIIP project will distribute research, produced in Russia, on key issues related to information security, including analyses of existing and proposed laws and policy documents. It will also build a Òbrain trustÓ of Russian researcher-activists who can conduct these analyses, provide input into the policymaking process, and request outside expertise as appropriate.

GIPI is a joint project of Internews Network and the Center for Democracy and Technology. With offices in 17 countries, GIPI promotes policies in developing nations that support an open, democratic Internet.

George Sadowsky, Executive Director of GIPI (; +1 202 833 5740 x200)
Aleksandra Belyaeva, Director of CIIP (; +7 095 956-2248)