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In India, Civil Society Groups Tackle ICT Policy

(May 3, 2004) In the first workshop of its kind for India, thirty representatives from grassroots civil society groups met April 21-23 in New Delhi to learn how to advocate effectively for information and technology communications (ICT) policies that promote constructive development.

Organized by the Indian office of the Global Internet Policy Initiative, the three-day workshop also provided participants with the opportunity to present a number of innovative recommendations on the issues of universal access and the digital divide to policymakers who attended, such as Dr. Govind, the Director of the Ministry of Communications & IT; Dr. D.C. Misra, formerly Chairman of the Task Force for IT Policy for Delhi; and Amitabh Singhal, the President of the Internet Service Provider’s Association of India.

The main objective of the workshop was to build knowledge and expertise among civil society organizations to help them to engage effectively in ICT policy processes at national, regional and global levels.

The workshop included presentations on women and internet policy, rural needs, and the limitations and potential of internet radio.

The lead trainer of the workshop was Sonia Jorge, Deputy Executive Director of the Association for Progressive Communication in Boston, MA.

The workshop was held April 21-23 in New Delhi with support from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada and the India Development Information Network.

In order to continue the dialogue started during the workshop, GIPI India has developed a website, which will serve as an online capacity building tool for the participants. Also, a discussion group has been formed for the participants to interact among themselves and the policymakers.

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Rishi Chawla , GIPI India Country Coordinator

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